With the world’s population growing, could seaweed be key to addressing food concerns?

With the world’s population growing, could seaweed be key to addressing food concerns?

At the onset of this year, the human population of planet Earth topped the 7.1 billion mark — and that figure isn't likely to be declining or reversing direction anytime soon. While predicting population numbers is a notoriously difficult science to pin down, the United Nations forecasts that the global population will grow to between 8 and 11 billion by the year 2050. With the world looking to be even more crowded in the decades ahead, issues of world hunger exacerbated by population growth are going to become more and more important going forward. But could seaweed actually provide a solution?

That was one of the focuses of the recent Danish Festival of Research, held at Aarhus University in Denmark. According to ScienceNordic, researchers and university students explored this topic by teaching visitors to the event about the "superfood" qualities of seaweed, and how its versatility — whether eaten on its own or added as supplements and ingredients to other meals — could possibly ease concerns about global food availability in the future.

"Seaweed belongs to the group known as superfoods, which is a term for extremely healthy foods. This is partly because seaweed contains lots of proteins and dietary fibres, while also being low in carbohydrates," Mette Møller Nielsen, a PhD fellow at the school's Department of Bioscience – Marine Ecology, told an audience. "We currently get most of our food from plants and animals, but seaweed is a distinct group, so by including it, we get a new food source."

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