Why your thyroid needs seaweed

Why your thyroid needs seaweed

One way seaweed benefits you is by providing you with iodine. Did you know that 60 percent of the iodine in our bodies is held in the thyroid gland? It's an extremely important nutrient in the production of the hormones T3 and T4 and therefore essential for a properly functioning thyroid. Without iodine, your thyroid can malfunction and cause a lot of complications, some of which are especially threatening to women.

Your thyroid has a say in so many of your body's functions, especially weight management, metabolism and even brain health. Despite its proven importance, though, iodine deficiency remains a major global health concern. According to the World Health Organization, somewhere around 35 percent of the world's population does not have sufficient iodine intake.

To address this issue, many governments have mandated iodine to be included in salt so that the nutrient can be accessible to everyone, but there are other ways to get more iodine in your diet. Specifically, nutritionists have urged more consumption of iodine to prevent a deficiency and highlighted certain foods and supplements that provide the highest levels, such as Seagreens. Research by the University of Glasgow tested the effects of Seagreens seaweed supplements on non-pregnant women of childbearing age by giving them a daily dosage over a period of two weeks.

The study, which was published in the British Journal of Nutrition, said that while iodine deficiency doesn't lessen the chance of a successful pregnancy, it is essential to childbearing women. The research found that seaweed supplementation increased the level of iodine concentration in urine as well as thyroid-stimulating hormones. Most of the women who were deficient at the start of the study reached iodine levels that were at or above average. This research clarifies some of the association between reproductive issues and sluggish thyroids. In some cases, an improperly functioning thyroid can cause irregular menstrual cycles and even miscarriages.

To add more iodine to your diet, try Seagreens Iodine+ Capsules. Every Seagreens product contains all the minerals, micronutrients, trace elements and vitamins that can be found in all-natural, organic seaweed. Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters. All Seagreens products are organic, kosher and certified free from allergens and contaminants.

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