Why the best nutritional supplements can’t compete with seaweed

Why the best nutritional supplements can’t compete with seaweed

Though every vitamin and mineral has its own unique functions, more often than not, these compounds work together to facilitate overall health and development. Take calcium and vitamin D, for example. It's well-known that calcium provides the building blocks for strong bones. However, without vitamin D, we can't fully absorb this mineral and reap the skeleton-strengthening rewards. This is just one of many synergistic relationships between nutritional compounds, and a British news outlet argues that it is the reason we should seek out wholefoods whenever possible.

Whereas many multivitamins attempt to recreate the synergistic relationships that exist between so many vitamins and minerals, The Star, a news outlet based in Northern England, notes that the wide-spanning benefits of naturally nutritious foods like seaweed simply can't be replicated in a lab. So, though dietary supplements can help increase your intake of essential nutrients, complete wholefoods like seaweed are actually the best way to reap the rewards of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

To that end, more must be done to educate children about healthier options like seaweed, as this could offset years' worth of medical ailments that stem from poor nutrition. Familiarizing children – and some adults – with this plant could be a great way to introduce an ingredient that is loaded with a winning combination of nutrients.

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