What to check out at this weekend’s Maine Seaweed Festival

What to check out at this weekend’s Maine Seaweed Festival

Last week, we shared with you news about the first-ever Maine Seaweed Festival, to be held Saturday, August 30, at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland. The inaugural event is poised to be a significant landmark for the local seaweed industry, helping to educate more and more people in the area of the importance of eating seaweed for health, not to mention the various culinary tips and tricks this sea plant lends itself to. Hilary Krapf, the festival's founder and self-professed seaweed enthusiast, hopes that the afternoon's events will help put a much greater spotlight on this ocean-harvested green and get more people interested in eating and cooking with seaweed.

"[What I hope people get out of the festival is] an understanding of the diverse applications for seaweed," Krapf tells local news source KeepMECurrent. "I am holding the festival just to share the importance of seaweed and to get people excited and inspired."

Here's a rundown of just a few of the festival's features worth checking out this weekend:

  • Beach walk
  • Book signings
  • Face painting
  • Live music
  • The kid-friendly "Mr. and Mrs. Fish" show
  • Touch tank contributed by the Maine State Aquarium
  • Sea life-centric yoga
  • Seaweed identification contest
  • Seaweed parade
  • Sensory-driven, interactive workshops
  • Various food and cooking demonstrations
  • Waterside meditation groups.

For those of you in the area, the Maine Seaweed Festival promises to be a fun and educational opportunity for learning more about seaweed benefits in a lively, family-friendly setting.

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