Vitamin E deficiency may lead to brain damage

Vitamin E deficiency may lead to brain damage

According to a recent study from Oregon State University (OSU), if you value the health of your brain, you need to be sure you're getting enough vitamin E. Produced by the body using omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E is an important vitamin for brain health, as a deficiency can deprive the brain of a crucial nutrient necessary for maintaining healthy neurons.

The researchers examined the health of zebrafish who had been fed a diet deficient in vitamin E throughout their lives. They found that the fish had about 30 percent less of a biomarker called DHA-PC, which is necessary for repairing neuronal damage. The brain can't manufacture DHA-PC on its own, and therefore it depends on dietary components like vitamin E for its creation and transportation. When vitamin E is deficient, it limits the production and use of DHA-PC, leading to increased levels of neuronal damage and death.

"You can't build a house without the necessary materials. In a sense, if vitamin E is inadequate, we're cutting by more than half the amount of materials with which we can build and maintain the brain," said lead author Dr. Maret Traber in a statement.

However, in the U.S., many people are attempting to build that figurative house without enough materials. About 96 percent of adult women and 90 percent of adult men don't get enough vitamin E in their diet.

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