Vitamin D supplements can help rebuild postmenopausal muscle loss

Vitamin D supplements can help rebuild postmenopausal muscle loss

Vitamin D deficiency can negatively affect any person, but for postmenopausal women, the lack of this essential vitamin often leads to significant muscle loss, frailty and an increased risk of falling. Luckily, a new study from the Botucatu Medical School in Sao Paulo, Brazil found that a steady daily dose of vitamin D could help rebuild that muscle loss.

The study observed women up to 12 years or more post-menopause over a nine month period. The women who received a daily vitamin D supplement had a 25.3 percent increase in muscle strength, while those who received a placebo actually lost about 6.8 percent of muscle mass over that time span.

The study may not conclusively end an ongoing debate on the effectiveness of vitamin D alone, but according to North American Menopause Society Executive Director Wulf H. Utian, "…it provides further evidence to support the use of vitamin D supplements by postmenopausal women in an effort to reduce frailty and an increased risk of falling."

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