UK report: Biofuels may be more viable than electric cars

UK report: Biofuels may be more viable than electric cars

Cutting down on carbon emissions has become a key priority around the world, with various national governments establishing clear-cut deadlines to reduce their contribution to global warming. From introducing energy-efficient household appliances to seeking out local and sustainably grown foods, there are many avenues to accomplish this goal on an individual level. On a grander scale, though, legislators have been torn over where to focus their efforts, and a recent report from the United Kingdom has indicated that biofuels may be the most effective solution.

The paper directly contrasts the role of biofuels derived from sustainable natural resources to the increased adoption of hybrid cars.

"In the long term, electric plug–in and fuel cell vehicles are likely to play a significant role in the transport mix," said Alex Steward, associate director of the UK firm Element Energy. "But we also expect high numbers of (internal combustion engine) derived vehicles to still be in circulation by 2030, so lower carbon liquid fuels have to play a major part in meeting the UK's CO2 targets."

In order for biofuels to succeed, though, the green industry news outlet Click Green notes that developers in this field must continue to focus on biofuel sources that don't overlap with food crops. The source notes that the European Parliament has recently enacted restrictions on products like corn-ethanol, setting the stage for the expansion of seaweed biofuels. 

Seaweed is an excellent contender as a source of biofuel because it is abundant and does not require fresh water or land to thrive. However, this is just one of many benefits the sea vegetable boasts. Seaweed is also rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, making it a nutritionally bountiful addition to any diet as well.

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