UK chocolatier concocts new seaweed chocolate

UK chocolatier concocts new seaweed chocolate

Fiona Sciolti is no stranger to whipping up exotic chocolate treats. As one of the United Kingdom's most acclaimed chocolatiers, Sciolti has long drawn on locally grown and season-specific ingredients — running the gamut of fruits, flowers, herbs and honeys — to create exciting and delectable new chocolates. With National Chocolate Week in full swing, Sciolti may have outdone herself this time with a wealth of new recipes, including seaweed chocolate!

Speaking to local news publication Scunthorpe Telegraph, Sciolti says she was inspired to create seafood-influenced chocolates after working with the Humber Seafood Summit. That collaboration spawned three new recipes, all a little bit outside of the Hershey's norm, but tasty nonetheless!

"The Humber Seafood Summit involved local suppliers from across Europe and I was asked to put on a table of chocolate," says Sciolti, who used local berries from the coast, Hebridean sea salt and seaweed as the basis for her new concoctions. "The sea buckthorn chocolates were different, with a bit of a tropical taste. I did some bars with the Hebridean sea salt and a seaweed chocolate as well [...] I thought it would work phenomenally well. The seaweed chocolate [...] went down really well."

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