Two men stranded at sea turn to seaweed to survive

Two men stranded at sea turn to seaweed to survive

On this blog, we've talked a lot about how seaweed can improve the nutritional value of your daily diet, and have even touched on its potential to combat the effects of global warming as a more eco-friendly and viable energy source. Indeed, the benefits of seaweed for health, the environment and the global population at large seem truly endless. What could better exemplify that fact than a recent story about two men who lived off of this plant while stranded at sea?

The Florida Sun Sentinel published an account of to Bahamian men who went out on a fishing trip to catch grouper. Mike Russell and Anthony Douglas reportedly set sail from Freeport on September 7 for a two-hour trip to Bimini crossing. However, an unexpected storm overwhelmed the 16-foot boat, which eventually capsized. Russell and Douglas, both in their 50s, were left clinging to the hull of the ship, and were stranded at sea for seven days before a tow boat finally caught sight of them and brought the two men to shore.

Though the Bahamians were severely dehydrated after their ordeal, they did have one natural resource to keep them going: seaweed.

"They sucked on seaweed for sustenance. It offered precious doses of potassium, calcium and iron," the newspaper notes.

Thankfully, Russell and Douglas have both returned home safe and sound, and with quite a story to tell. 

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