Treat hunger pangs with these healthy snack ideas

Treat hunger pangs with these healthy snack ideas

It's one thing to know that your diet is lacking in proper nutrition — and exactly which nutrients and minerals you need to eat on a daily basis — but it's entirely another to actually take that step to improving your food choices. After all, if eating healthy was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Making the switch from an unhealthy diet to a robust one is not going to happen overnight, and attempting to suddenly swap out your usual meals for entirely nutrition-friendly options is almost always doomed to fail. You need to take baby steps to ensure a gradual and guaranteed transition into eating better. Changing your snacking habits is one of the best ways you can accomplish this, as snacks are too small on their own to feel like you're making a drastic difference, but can really add up for contributing to a healthier you.

To that end, nutritionist Dr. Lisa Young has a handful of recommendations for healthier snacking. Drop the Oreos and potato chips, and try out these choices instead:

  • Apple slices and almond butter: With a high fiber content, low caloric level and just the right balance of fat and fiber (not to mention taste) from a spread of almond butter, sliced apples make for a delicious and healthy treat.
  • Vegetables and hummus: You can't go any wrong with any kind of veggie, but carrots and peppers make for the best choices to go along with the protein-rich hummus.

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