The nutritional value of snacking on seaweed

The nutritional value of snacking on seaweed

A recent article in Elle Magazine explored the nutritional benefits and snack-worthy attributes of seaweed, confirming that seaweed is a delicious and healthy choice for people trying to lose weight and maintain a nutritious diet. 

"I love them," nutritionist Keri Glassman told Elle Magazine. "They satisfy a salty craving and help many people reap the benefits of sea vegetables who otherwise would not. It's a great choice for when you need a salty fix for low calories."

If you don't like the texture of raw seaweed, that's okay too. You don't have to eat the raw plant to get all of the health benefits. For instance, try using Seagreens Mineral Salt as a salt replacement on your savory dishes. Seagreens packs twice the flavor into half the salt, making it a heart-healthy, low-sodium option for those craving a salty snack. Seaweed also contains all the iodine you need to maintain a well-functioning thyroid, as well as extra doses of fiber, calcium, protein and iron, all while being low in calories.

Seagreens products contain all the minerals, micronutrients, trace elements and vitamins that can be found in all-natural, raw, organic seaweed. Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds are produced to the company's award-winning proprietary standard (patents pending) among Scotland's remote Western Islands in pristine Grade A waters. All Seagreens products are organic, kosher and certified free from allergens and contaminants.

"If the thought of eating seaweed when it doesn't surround a sushi roll skeeves you out, don't let it—these are delicious, savory, not at all fishy, and downright addicting. And much to our happiness, they're trendier by the day…" wrote Elle contributor Victoria Dawson Hoff.

Don't miss out on all of the benefits of a seaweed snack!

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