“The Medicine Hunter” explores weight loss benefits of seaweed

“The Medicine Hunter” explores weight loss benefits of seaweed

For centuries, civilizations have relied on the medicinal properties found in the natural world to treat all manner of ailments. And, though the field of medicine has evolved dramatically – and to the benefit of mankind – there is still something to be said for the health benefits inherent in various plants, including seaweed.

Recently, Chris Kilham, also known as "The Medicine Hunter," appeared on FOX News' "HealthTalk" to discuss how this nutrient-rich sea vegetable can help people interested in losing weight. A holistic health specialist, Kilham regularly holds lectures on the immune-boosting powers of various plants from around the world. In the Fox News segment, he explained that seaweed is practically beyond compare in terms of its nutritional value.

"Seaweed is rich in a variety of naturally occurring gums, which are a particular type of soluble fiber. These gums are very soothing for the digestive tract," he told "HealthTalk" host Dr. Manny Alvarez. Soluble fibers, he explained, can also help moderate blood sugar.

"You'll be getting protein, you'll be getting vitamins and minerals, you'll be getting essential fatty acids," he explained, adding that consuming this sea vegetable could also help you feel more full – thereby restricting your overall caloric intake. "There's just no junk in them at all," he said.

The weight loss benefits Kilham addressed in this interview were also explored in a satiety study conducted by the Sheffield Centre for Food Innovation in the United Kingdom, which revealed that adding Seagreens® seaweed to bread ultimately made the food more filling.

Whether you're interested in weight loss or simply want to increase the nutritional value of your diet, consider trying Seagreens® as Food Capsules, The Mineral Salt, the Culinary Ingredient and more.

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