The link between seaweed, diabetes and weight loss

The link between seaweed, diabetes and weight loss

We spend a lot of time discussing the many applications of seaweed on this blog – largely because chefs, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists keep finding new ways to make use of this plant. However, as stunning as a seaweed print may be on your wall, don't forget that seaweed's greatest asset is undoubtedly its nutritious content.

Recently, the Australian news outlet Body and Soul provided a succinct overview of seaweed nutrients and how they can promote overall health. Today, we'll focus on the mechanism by which seaweed may help regulate or reduce the risk of diabetes.

"Seaweed is valuable in the treatment and management of blood sugar disorders such as diabetes, as it is a good source of chromium and protein, which help normalize blood sugar levels," writes Body and Soul.

Given that over 25 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and 79 million are believed to be in the preliminary stages of the condition, embracing a diet that actively moderates blood sugar could be incredibly beneficial for the U.S. population.

Seaweed may be of further assistance on this front because it is rich in fiber and can potentially facilitate weight loss. According to a 2009-10 study conducted at the Center of Food Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University, bread that features Seagreens® seaweed as a salt replacement was found to be more filling and could therefore help people moderate their portions more effectively. Obesity is a major risk factor for multiple life-threatening conditions including diabetes and heart disease, so seeking out foods that encourage weight loss without sacrificing essential nutrition is of vital importance.

Check back with this blog to learn even more about seaweed benefits, and consider trying Seagreens®  today. Seagreens®  is a natural multi-nutrient whole food, which contains all the vitamin groups, minerals and trace elements you need, and is sustainably wild-harvested in Grade A pristine waters to Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending).

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