The key to getting your kids to eat healthier

The key to getting your kids to eat healthier

Parents know full well that getting their kids to eat healthier is no easy feat. Children seem to have an automatically adverse reaction to fruits, vegetables or anything that isn't loaded with sugar, and the second you tell them that it's good for them, or it'll help them grow up big and strong, they're even more opposed to it. But, according to one new study, parents may be able to actually use this to their advantage.

New research published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that kids who were presented with a food item they were told was healthy — in this case, carrots — were less likely to eat it. Conversely, children that weren't told about the health benefits of carrots ended up eating more of them. The realization that the study's authors, Michael Maimaran of Northwestern University and Ayelet Fishbach of the University of Chicago, arrived at was that when a child is told something is healthier, they believe that means it tastes worse.

"We predicted that when food is presented to children as making them strong or as a tool to achieve a goal such as learning how to read or count, they would conclude the food is not as tasty and therefore consume less of it," said Maimaran and Fishbach in a press release. "Parents and caregivers who are struggling to get children to eat healthier may be better off simply serving the food without saying anything about it."

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