The benefits of seaweed from Grade A pristine waters

The benefits of seaweed from Grade A pristine waters

For centuries, seaweed has been one of the most  under​-appreciated natural resources on Earth. The abundant sea vegetable contains more vitamins and minerals than any land plant, not to mention beneficial trace elements that are no longer found in soil but can be freely derived from the ocean. With this wealth of nutrients, seaweed has been tapped for its medicinal properties in various parts of the wold for generations. Now, as Western consumers come to learn more about this flora, it seems that everyone is ready to try seaweed supplements and recipes for themselves!

In certain coastal communities, this increased demands has sparked a rise in foraging workshops and other educational offerings that establish the connection between sustainability and seaweed nutrients. But, while this invigorated interest in natural, eco-friendly resources is an excellent population for the global population at large, it's important to learn more about where these plants are coming from. 

Before you start gathering seaweed from your local beach, for example, you must confirm the cleanliness of the water itself. In the last year, reports have surfaced about populations of seaweed and other marine life in the Pacific Ocean that were contaminated by the lingering effects of the Fukushima disaster. This is certainly an extreme example of seaborne toxins, but it illustrates the potential risk of foraging without researching the region and thoroughly washing your spoils.

Seagreens seaweed is wild-harvested in certified Grade A pristine waters in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. This ensures that Seagreens® seaweed supplements, The Mineral Salt and other offerings are devoid of any harmful chemicals or pollutants. In addition, though Seagreens® is harvested too far away to suffer any ill effects from Fukushima, it is thoroughly tested by accredited independent laboratories for radioactivity and other contaminants to ensure its purity. 

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