The benefits of seaweed as an eco-friendly building material

The benefits of seaweed as an eco-friendly building material

Thanks to its abundance, nutritional value and its capabilities as a source of biofuel, seaweed is poised to address many of the challenges future generations will face. Previously on this blog, we've discussed the appeal of this as an energy source and an answer to global food production concerns, largely because it does not require freshwater or land to flourish. But these are not the only ways that seaweed can be used to promote environmentalism and sustainability while benefiting communities around the world.

Recently, various news outlets have drawn attention to the benefits of seaweed as a construction material. Last month, the Danish design firm Vandkunsten unveiled the "Modern Seaweed House." Built in the style of traditional homes once found on the island of Læsø, the structure featured a seaweed-thatched roof, and the sea vegetable was also used to provide insulation throughout.

Perhaps in response to this project, which has garnered considerable media attention among the design community, the online building resource featured a piece on seaweed this week.

"The thermal design of a building can have a powerful effect on the energy performance of a building," states the source. "Seaweed could become the latest insulating material used to combat heat loss. The incredibly sustainable renewable material is fireproof, resistant to mold, free of toxins and can be applied [...] without the need of chemical additives."

This could prove especially useful in nations like the United States and Australia, where a substantial percentage of private energy expenditure is devoted to temperature moderation in buildings.

Though its potential as a building material is certainly promising, the benefits of seaweed as a part of your daily diet have already been well established. This sea vegetable is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that simply can't be found in land plants, and can be added to your meal with ease in the form of Seagreens® The Mineral Salt and the Culinary Ingredient, and taken daily as Food Capsules.

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