I had extremely high levels of mercury in my body following some mercury amalgam extraction and this gave rise to various symptoms. I finally found a good holistic dentist and I began taking Seagreens Food Capsules, monitoring the mercury levels using stool tests conducted in Germany. During the past few years I have recovered and in 2011 my levels were ‘as low as anyone could wish’. I have taken only Seagreens Food Capsules and Culinary Ingredient, and probiotics.
– Mr A. S, Shropshire, England

I initially bought this hoping it would help me lose weight. It’s too soon to tell if it will work for that purpose but I have discovered that it is great for energy. I feel so much better and awake now. I will definitely purchase again!

I have been practising as a clinical nutritionist for nearly 10 years and have the choice of hundreds of supplements to prescribe for my clients but more often than not I recommend Seagreens food capsules and granules. I like the fact that Seagreens are a food from carefully selected seaweeds rich in essential nutrients, rather than made in a lab – they are easy to digest, absorb and utilise.

Seagreens are good at addressing the whole person and balancing the body systems, which is the way I work. Whether the client needs their immune system boosting, toxins chelated, their cholesterol and blood pressure lowered, or their skin and hair improved, Seagreens’ nutritional composition efficiently supports these actions. They are good if people are very ill or just need a daily maintenance support. They also blend well with other specific supplements I prescribe.

I know Seagreens are an excellent food because I get results with my clients and they continuously re-order them because they feel better on them. Many of their symptoms dissipate and they notice the difference if they run out!

– Annie McRae, Dip ION, Sussex, UK

If my patients are taking Seagreens they are getting the nutrients they might have been getting in their normal food 50 years ago, such as the trace minerals, and that makes a huge difference. It also works brilliantly on weight loss, in conjunction with a properly controlled diet, especially when the additional pounds round the midriff result from excess cortisol.

– Ann Gardner, Nutritionist, Middlesex, UK 

Your products are fantastic. They are really good and easy to use and they make it easy for people to get the seaweed into their daily diet.

- - Jacqueline Young, Naturopath, Health Writer, and Teacher

Different varieties of seaweed have been used as food for thousands of years in different cultures of the world. They provide concentrated amounts of very high quality nutrition. In an English culture we are not used to seaweed; we don’t know how to prepare it and where to get it. Seagreens have allowed us to overcome this barrier. I am now recommending Seagreens to almost all my patients as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. I see a lot of health improvements in my patients using Seagreens: from improved energy and stamina to better memory and skin. It is the only supplement I have found so far that stops children biting their nails. Nail biting is a sign of nutritional deficiencies, until you remove the deficiency no matter what you do, the child will keep re-cycling nutrients by nail biting. Obviously Seagreens provide the right combination of nutrients to remove that nutritional deficiency. As a practitioner I am happy to have this resource available to me.

– Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD MMedSci
(neurology), MMedSci(nutrition), Cambridge UK; author Gut & Psychology Syndrome


Your products are fantastic. They are really good and easy to use and they make it easy for people to get the seaweed into their daily diet. - - Jacqueline Young, Naturopath, Health W...