Teaching yourself to cook healthier foods

Teaching yourself to cook healthier foods

We all know the benefits of adopting a healthier diet — a stronger body, sharper mind and longer life — but it's easier said than done, especially if your eating habits have been typically less than healthy. For those of us accustomed to a steady diet of microwave dinners, take-out menus and junk food, making the switch to a more nutritious cooking style — or even beginning to cook at all! — can be a jarring and oftentimes confusing transition. 

Here are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic about how to ease your way into cooking healthier meals:

  • Plan it out first: Grocery shopping can be overwhelming and needlessly expensive if you haven't planned out ahead of time what to get. Decide on your recipes for the week, then draft a list of all the ingredients you need — this ensures you only come out of the store with the essentials, rather than whatever caught your eye off the shelf.
  • Stock up: An easy way to make sure you only cook healthy meals is by stocking your pantry with only healthy foods. Keeping the cabinets full with canned fruits, vegetables and beans along with whole grains — pasta, brown and wild rice, barley or quinoa — will effectively force you to cook with only nutritious ingredients. 

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