Sustainability standards expanding to include seaweed

Sustainability standards expanding to include seaweed

Not too long ago, seaweed was an outlier in the kitchen and not a health supplement or food item that most would indulge in. But what a difference a little awareness makes! Now this adaptable, versatile sea vegetable is being used in all sorts of new ways, whether as natural health supplements to reinforce your diet, seaweed recipes to experiment with or stomach-filling snacks to take on the go. With seaweed becoming more of a mainstream food, the benchmarks for both its quality and sustainability are increasing too.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) recently announced that, for the first time ever, it would be expanding its global sustainability standards to include seaweed, ensuring that this healthy green is harvested in the safest, most environmentally friendly ways.

"A sustainable seaweed fishery needs the same level of management and monitoring as an equivalent animal fishery, with both requiring stock assessments and harvest control rules," the MSC announced this week. "However, sustainable best practice seaweed fisheries is not yet as well developed as it is for other types of fishery; the MSC will therefore be conducting further research to identify indicators of sustainability for both stock status and ecosystem impact."

The U.K.-based group is expected to turn in its first proposal for this global standard by the end of this year.

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