Study shows potential link between prenatal iodine deficiency and autism

Study shows potential link between prenatal iodine deficiency and autism

While everyone can benefit from adding seaweed nutrients to their meals, expectant mothers in particular may be especially interested in the vitamins, minerals and trace elements this sea vegetable has to offer. Previously on this blog, we've discussed the importance of iodine in a prenatal diet, since healthy levels of this compound play a vital role in the cognitive development of their little ones. Now, a new study has highlight another possible consequence of iodine deficiencies that mothers-to-be should take not of.

According to a press release from the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute, scientists have discovered a link between weakened thyroid function among pregnant women and the likelihood of having a child with autism. Researchers with Houston Methodist worked with colleagues from Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands and reviewed the cases of 4,000 Dutch mothers and their infants to reach this finding.

The scientists noted that women who showed lower amounts of the thyroid hormone were approximately four times more likely to give birth to an infant who fell somewhere on the autism spectrum. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 50 children in the United States have this neurological condition. This is one of the first studies to draw a connection between autism and thyroid conditions.

Because iodine affects thyroid function, lead researcher Dr. Gustavo Roman noted that increasing the focus on this nutrient during prenatal care could help prevent various developmental issues.

"We must look at a large nationwide population of women in early pregnancy, to measure urine iodine and thyroid function. We must then correct thyroid deficiencies, if present, and provide prenatal vitamins with supplementary iodine," he explained.

In general, iodine deficiencies are the leading – and most preventable – causes of brain damage around the world. Seagreens® Iodine + capsules are an excellent source of safe amounts of iodine, as well as other all-natural vitamins and minerals that expectant mothers need.

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