Study: Nori seaweed is effective at combating breast cancer

Study: Nori seaweed is effective at combating breast cancer

According to new research from Dr. Michael Greger, the director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Human Society of the United States, eating the seaweed type Nori is an effective way for women to avoid contracting breast cancer. Dr. Greger came to his conclusion by studying Japanese women who live in Japan and regularly eat seaweed and  those who immigrated to the United States and developed a more western diet.

Dr. Greger cited breast cancer rates among women in Japan and found that less than 15 in every 10,000 suffered from the disease. Within a decade of moving to America, the number jumps to 105 per 10,000 women living there on a long-term basis. Dr. Greger believes the rate goes up because the women move from eating a primarily plant-based diet, including seaweed, to a diet consisting mostly of animal meats and protein. But this rate is still lower than the number of American-born women in the country who have breast cancer, which is about 120 women for every 10,000.

The thought process here is that a woman who incorporates seaweed into her diet will help dramatically reduce her risk for breast cancer. In lab experiments, seaweed has been found to clear cancer cells from the body, even in an in vitro stage. There is an advantage over chemotherapy in this regard, because the seaweed will only damage cancer cells and not attack normal blood cells, as chemotherapy often does during treatment.

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