Study explores benefits of seaweed supplements

Study explores benefits of seaweed supplements

While cooking with seaweed is an excellent way to enhance the nutritional value of your daily diet, those looking for another direct way to ingest the vitamins, minerals and trace elements this plant contains can also turn to daily supplements. Recently, researchers from the Alagappa University in India explored this method of seaweed consumption, and found that the plant is just as beneficial in capsule form.

"Seaweeds or marine algae are rich in minerals and nutrients that are important for most of the biochemical reactions and non-nutrient components like dietary fibres and polyphenols," the study abstract states.

The scientists analyzed the makeup of two specific types of seaweed and found that both contained high amounts of all-natural vitamins and minerals. 

"The results suggest that both the seaweeds have greater nutritional value and could be used as excellent nutritional supplements," the researchers note.

Though it has long been savored in various communities across the globe, seaweed has finally begun to receive some recognition on a larger culinary stage. Embraced by many of the world's most prominent chefs, seaweed is also making waves in mainstream America, emerging as a savory snack, smoothie ingredient and seasoning, among other forms. This sea vegetable grows faster and has a higher nutrient content than any land plant, and could prove vital in feeding future generations.

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