Spanish chef features seaweed recipes in “gastrobotanic” cuisine.

Spanish chef features seaweed recipes in “gastrobotanic” cuisine.

What do you think of when you envision authentic Spanish cuisine? According to one native chef, the nation is better known for its meats than for its vegetarian fare – but that is something he hopes to change. Chef Rodrigo de la Calle recently spoke to the online magazine EFE about his plans to reintroduce certain produce that has fallen out of favor on Spanish tables.

Calle has reportedly devised a new approach to cuisine called "gastrobotanics," which showcases vegetation in new and tantalizing ways. One of his main ambitions is to demonstrate that good food and healthy food are by no means mutually exclusive. In addition, he hopes to encourage a respect for nature in his kitchen. Calle is not a vegetarian, but he was raised on a farm and learned to till fresh produce at a young age. As such, he has a sound appreciation for this food group, and is eager to cast it in a whole new and more tantalizing light. When he begins is position as executive chef at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid next month, he plans to "excite diners with some peas, some strawberries, a seaweed salad or an asparagus cocktail."

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