South Korea taps into seaweed benefits in marine industry boost

South Korea taps into seaweed benefits in marine industry boost

Previously on this blog, we've documented how national governments around the world are looking to the sea for economic opportunities and answers to global concerns about sustainability and natural resource consumption. In the last year alone, impoverished coastal communities have turned to seaweed as a new avenue for financial growth, while medical researchers have been experimenting with various sea vegetation to pave new roads in preventative care.

Along these lines, The Korea Times recently reported that South Korea will be exploring the potential benefits of seaweed as part of a large-scale initiative to expand the country's marine industry. In total,  the government is funding the research and development of 15 new marine-based enterprises, seven of which are already underway.

"The seven technologies are an underwater wireless communication system, a system for the extraction of lithium from seawater a ballast water purifications system, a new cultivar derived from seaweed, a type of glue made from mussels, a system fro the production of biohydrogen gas and a 50-passenger wing for a ground effect ship," the source states.

South Korea's ambitious agenda will reportedly be carried out by domestic companies and universities, but lawmakers expressed optimism about the country's prowess in marine research and technology. Time will tell whether these goals come to fruition, but it's clear that the ocean contains a bounty of natural resources that we're only beginning to fully explore. The sheer versatility of seaweed alone is proof of that fact, since this plant has been linked to biofuel, medical devices, cosmetics, batteries and more previously unforeseen applications.

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