South Australia to experiment with seaweed farming

South Australia to experiment with seaweed farming

Though once considered relatively niche, seaweed is emerging as one of the hottest commodities in recent years, as international governments and ambitious entrepreneurs alike seek to gain a foothold in this ever-expanding industry. Cooking with seaweed – a common practice in certain regions in the world for generations – has become more widely adopted, with most of the world's greatest chefs now touting the benefits of seaweed as an ingredient.

In response to the growing demand for this versatile and highly nutritious sea vegetable, the Australian Broadcasting Commission reports that the country's government has backed an initiative to explore seaweed farming possibilities in Southern Australia.

The project has been funded by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) as well as the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation of the Australian government. The endeavor is set to span three years, the source states.

The news outlet spoke with Dr. Jason Tanner about the potential applications of the seaweed that is cultivated. 

"Certainly in Australia there is increasing demand for seaweed as a high end food [and in] China and other Asian nations, both as a food and as a base stock for things like pharmaceuticals, for food additives, for cosmetics and that sort of thing," Tanner explained.

The uses for seaweed extend even further, as this plant – which grows five times faster than land-based vegetation – has also been tapped as a source of biofuel. Food futurologists and environmentalists have already predicted that nutrient-rich seaweed could come to play a major role in feeding future generations and protecting the planet from man-made toxins.

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