Silicon Valley invests in seaweed nutrients

Silicon Valley invests in seaweed nutrients

The tech industry is known for having more capital than it knows what to do with, a substantial portion of which is poured into new enterprises that have the potential to really take off. In fact, the movements of investors in Silicon Valley – still known as the Mecca of all things technology – can often shed light on some of the most promising new ventures outside of the mobile-based realm. Recently, executives from such prominent organizations as Google, Facebook and Pinterest have been shifting focus to advancements in food production, and the seaweed industry is poised to be the next target for investment.

"First, it was twee organic coffee bean purveyor investments. Then it was better-for-you candy bar funding and soy-based meal replacement.  And now? Seaweed, naturally," reports All Things D, an affiliate of The Wall Street Journal.

According to the source, heavy hitters in the tech world have shown increasing interest in "perfecting the food industry" by backing companies that are harnessing healthy and sustainable ingredients for the greater good. New Frontier Food, a food manufacturer whose staple product is a range of nutritious seaweed chips, recently benefited form $1.7 million in tech-funded investments during an initial seed round, and it's clear that there is more money where that came from.

Considering how beneficial seaweed is for overall health, it's great to see this industry receive such enthusiastic support. Compared to land-based plants, seaweed contains more all-natural vitamins and minerals, as well as trace elements that can be absent or severely lacking in soils. Seagreens® seaweed is a sustainably wild-harvested to distinct Human Food Seaweed™ standards in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and is available as The Mineral Salt, the Culinary Ingredient, Food Capsules and more, so you can boost the nutritional value of each meal in a snap.

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