Seaweed snacks among luxury fare at Winter Fancy Food Show

Seaweed snacks among luxury fare at Winter Fancy Food Show

It's that time of year again! Specialty food vendors and buyers gathered in San Francisco for the annual Winter Fancy Food Show. At this highly anticipated event – the largest food trade show in the world – the Moscone Center in San Francisco is lined with delicious exhibitions, each a bit more decadent and unusual than the next.

Seaweed has been a hot item at the Winter Fancy Food Show over the last few years, and by most accounts, 2014 was no different.

"No surprise that snacks lead in new product introductions [...] with companies looking to flavor old favorites with unexpected ingredients to delight the palate and open the wallet," the restaurant industry news outlet FSR Magazine reports."The overarching trend was "thoughtful indulgence," played out in chocolate teas, seaweed chips and truffle ketchup."

Toasted sesame and seaweed-infused popcorn was another crowd-pleasing option, incorporating a rich umami flavor (not to mention nutrients!) into the household favorite. So the next time you plan on staying in and watching a movie, consider snacking on seaweed!

Of course, you don't have to splash out on these luxury food items to enjoy the taste of this delicious and nutritious sea vegetable. With Seagreens® seaweed, it is easier than ever to include this plant in your go-to dishes, either as a salt replacement (The Mineral Salt) or an extra seasoning (the Culinary Ingredient). Plus, there are plenty of surprisingly simple seaweed recipes that can shake up your dietary routine too! You can also try this natural multi-nutrient whole food, which contains all the vitamin groups, minerals and trace elements, as daily Food Capsules. 

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