Seaweed sales outgrow kale

Seaweed sales outgrow kale

Though kale had a meteoric rise as a nutritious snack and ingredient, seaweed is now officially slated to take its spot. According to a new report published by New Nutrition Business, the sale and popularity of seaweed snacks have already outgrown kale and are continuing to do so, offering an exciting opportunity to join in on an emerging industry.

The report showed that sales of seaweed in the U.S. experienced a 30 percent market growth in 2014. This comes from a notable rise in the number of different seaweed products introduced to consumers in the past two years, a response to a demand for healthy, portable snacks.

New Nutrition Business credited seaweed's particular surge in popularity to the many nutritional benefits offered by the product. Seaweed, natural and plant-based, is low-calorie and rich in protein and fiber. It even has essential nutrients that are either less or lacking in kale, like trace minerals.

"Kale is just one plant with limitations on it supply, while seaweed is an entire family of plants cultivated globally with no supply constraints," said Julian Mellentin, the director of New Nutrition Business."[Seaweed has] a more attractive nutritional profile and no barriers to the number of food applications you can use it in."

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