Seaweed pizza is hottest new menu item at NYC restaurant

Seaweed pizza is hottest new menu item at NYC restaurant

Seaweed recipes have become one of the hottest trends in the culinary world nowadays, with chefs and restaurants seeing firsthand for themselves both the nutritious and flavorful benefits of adding this versatile green to their dishes. Cooking with seaweed not only yields meals that are better for your health and overall well-being, but also make for a unique and interesting break from tried-and-true menu choices. 

The Blue Planet Grill in New York City is one such place that's looking to make a name for itself with new pizzas infused with organic seaweed, such as the Baby Octopus & Seaweed Salad Pizza or Broiled Eel & Seaweed Salad Pizza. Sound a little weird and unusual? Good! The whole idea is to try some food items that are a little off the beaten path, and you'd be hard pressed to find a vegetable better to experiment with than seaweed. 

"We're very proud of our new menu items," Jacob Krumgalz, the Blue Planet Grill's owner, said in a press release. "Some may sound a bit weird at first, but our customers absolutely adore them. Pizza can be fun, different and taste awesome all at the same time!"

Of course, seaweed is more than just an exotic meal to indulge in from time to time — it's a nutritious ingredient to be incorporated into anyone's daily diet. You can begin reaping these healthy and culinary seaweed benefits yourself with the distinct Seagreens®!

Seagreens seaweed has been found by independent studies to exhibit greater quality and nutrition than typical seaweeds. This natural multi-nutrient whole food is wild-harvested in the Grade A pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides to our proprietary Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending) and contains all the minerals, trace elements and vitamin groups. Try Seagreens today with all natural supplements and ingredients like The Mineral Salt, The Culinary Ingredient, Food Capsules and more!

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