Seaweed packs a punch of healthy benefits

Seaweed packs a punch of healthy benefits

Seaweed is a superfood that has recently gone under the public spotlight for its significant health benefits, particularly in delivering hard-to-find iodine into our systems, which bolsters the health of our thyroid glands.

However, seaweed is more than just a good source of iodine. It's also a wonderful vessel for protein, antioxidants, minerals such as iron and zinc, vitamins and omega-3 fats. Seaweed is so rich in these benefits because it grows underwater, where it can easily absorb the ocean's many trace minerals. There is also evidence that sea vegetables such as seaweed could also have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Marine scientist Dr Alecia Bellgrove from Deakin University's School of Life and Environmental Sciences has been particularly vocal about the healthy impact seaweed products can have on the body. 

"The best evidence so far is from human studies that have found a benefit for improving symptoms of osteoarthritis and for improving immune function," she said during a speech at the Nutrition Society of Australia's Annual Scientific Meeting. "Fucoidan has also been found to have anti-cancer effects against breast and colon cancer – but this is very early research in lab studies and still has a long way to go. It's been suggested that consumption of fucoidan in seaweed may be one reason for the lower incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women, but we need more research… there's good evidence that [we] should be eating seaweeds more regularly for the health benefits they offer." 

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