Seaweed offers natural sun protection

Seaweed offers natural sun protection

We've already discussed on this blog how eating seaweed can help you recover from a sunburn. The antioxidants found in seaweed can help prevent the oxidative damage that UV rays can cause in your skin cells. Now, scientists have discovered that seaweed can also be used on the outside of the body to block the sun's rays from reaching your skin in the first place.

As a troubling new study found recently, about 80 percent of commercial sunscreen options don't provide the level of SPF they claim, rendering them ineffective for protecting against skin cancer. What's more, many commercial sunscreens contain ingredients that can be harmful to health.

Researchers decided to investigate how algae, which is consistently exposed to UV rays, prevents sun damage. They found that there is a particular "sunscreen molecule" that allows algae to survive intense heat and light by absorbing ultraviolet A and B radiation. Combining these molecules with a substance found in crustacean shells, they were able to create an effective natural sunscreen.

"Inspired by the strategy developed by fish, algae, and micro-organisms exposed to UV radiations in confined ecosystems, we have constructed novel UV-protective materials that exclusively consist of natural compounds," said Professor Vincent Bulone of the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in a statement.

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