Seaweed named among top food craze trends for 2015

Seaweed named among top food craze trends for 2015

Seaweed has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with this organic sea plant finding its way into a number of esteemed restaurants and exotic recipes. Whether it's seaweed pizza from Scotland, seaweed beer in Maine or seaweed chocolate in the UK, chefs and foodies all over the world are getting more serious about cooking with seaweed. But organic seaweed is more than just a flash-in-the-pan fad. This ocean-harvested green has been a staple of Eastern cuisine for centuries and looks to be here to stay in the Western world, with some predicting that its star will only continue to rise even further!

In fact, The Guardian, a UK news publication, has listed organic seaweed among its "top five food crazes of 2015," citing its versatility, taste and nutritious seaweed benefits — which run the gamut of antioxidants, phenols and essential fatty acids — as just a few of the reasons why you can expect to see more people adding this healthy green to their diets.

"Seaweed is set to transition from sushi rolls to dinner plates with chefs serving it in salads, seasoning, sauces — even as a seaweed better," writes Ellen Connolly for The Guardian. "High in iodine and purportedly excellent for detoxing, keep an eye out for dishes which include wakame, kombu and dulse. Beverages are also getting into the algae action, with a sprinkle of seaweed added to smoothies and juices."

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