Seaweed makes Japanese food ideal for gluten-intolerance

Seaweed makes Japanese food ideal for gluten-intolerance

If you've recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, or have just decided to experiment with a gluten-free diet, you may be at a loss to determine just how to get the sustenance you need. After all, many of us rely on bread, pasta and other wheat-based foods without even thinking. These foods have been dietary staples throughout our lives. Navigating the perilous world of gluten-laden foods can get all the more difficult if you decide to go out for a meal, which is why the New Zealand media outlet Stuff compiled a list of the most celiac-friendly cuisines to try.

"With Japanese food, you don't need to think twice [about gluten] because all of your favorite rolls are held together with nutritious seaweed and filling rice," the source states.  In addition, Japanese diets – which typically consist of fresh, whole ingredients, have been linked to better overall health. Plus, there are considerably lower rates of breast cancer and other ailments that are prevalent in the West. Research has indicated that this may be related to the amount of iodine Japanese citizens have access to in the form of seaweed.

But, while the vast array of seaweed recipes included in Japanese cuisine may inform your choice of restaurant, you can also incorporate this sea vegetable at home. Seaweed is widely associated with sushi, but the truth is this plant is actually incredibly versatile in the kitchen. With sustainably wild-harvested Seagreens® from the Scottish Outer Hebrides, for example, you have the option of using the Culinary Ingredient to introduce an enticing new flavor and a burst of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements to your favorite dishes. With The Mineral Salt,  you can even cut down on your salt intake as well.

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