Seaweed makes a big splash among foraging fanatics

Seaweed makes a big splash among foraging fanatics

Sustainability and nutrition have increasingly become priorities among restaurateurs and the general public alike, particularly as the ills of processed goods come to light. What could be more sustainable than plant​ life that has been conscientiously foraged from the local environment? 

"Food experts have predicted foraging will be a major 2014 food trend," USA Today recently reported. Because of this, the national news outlet states that chefs who routinely feature wild, foraged fare are enjoying a lot of media attention. USA Today caught up with a few established culinary masterminds who have been relying on local ingredients well before foraging became the next big thing. 

One such chef is Blaine Wetzel of The Willows Inn on Lummi Island off the coast of Washington state, who routinely makes use of nutrient-rich seaweed in his dishes.

"On foraging days, chef Wetzel gets up before dawn and drags out his kayak to explore the coastline and shallow waters for wild seaweed, sea lettuce and various shoots that he can use in the kitchen at night," the source states.

Of course, not everyone has the option of kayaking along the shores of the Pacific Northwest in search of seaweed. In fact, anyone who does forage for this nutritious plant should be mindful of the fact that it can absorb toxins present in the water as well as nutrients. For that reason, if you are interested in introducing seaweed nutrients to your diet, consider Seagreens® seaweed, which is sustainably wild-harvested in certified Grade A pristine waters in the Scottish Outer Hebrides through conscientious means that respect the local environment. Seagreens® seaweed is a natural multi-nutrient whole food containing all the vitamin groups, minerals and trace elements. 

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