Seaweed lives up to the hype, says TIME

Seaweed lives up to the hype, says TIME

Given that the global interest in seaweed — as a savory snack, cooking ingredient, cosmetic and more — has skyrocketed in recent years, it's understandable that some skeptics may question whether this sea vegetable is really as beneficial as everyone says.

Recently, TIME magazine sought to educate readers about this plant and establish if seaweed, with its high levels of all-natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements, can provide the nutritional boost that world-renowned chefs and food manufacturers have touted it for.

"In the last few years, seaweed has evolved from sushi-roll staple to everyday snack [...] But is it actually good — and good for you?" the magazine posits.

Not surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes. While TIME notes that "much of the rejuvenating claims come from Korean and Japanese traditions," the news outlet also cited a wave of recent studies that have shed light on the seaweed benefits these cultures have capitalized on for centuries.

"Seaweed [...] has an impressive amount of nutrients like vitamins A, B-6 and C as well as iodine and fiber. And that low calorie count is definitely legitimate," writes TIME.

The constant stream of new diets and other culinary trends can justifiably make anyone question just how beneficial certain superfoods can truly be. However, seaweed has shown time and time again that it is the genuine article.

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