Seaweed listed among top culinary trends for 2014

Seaweed listed among top culinary trends for 2014

While 2013 has definitely been a big year for seaweed, the global popularity of this sea vegetable is set to explode in the year to come. So predict the industry experts at the Sterling-Rice Group (SRG), a communications firm with its finger on the pulse of culinary trends. 

"Our insatiable culinary team has talked to celebrity chefs, product developers, restaurant consultants, and even grocery store shoppers, and we all agree that 2014 will put more high-impact, low-calorie options on our plates, an SRG press release states.

Seaweed is listed among this healthy and delicious fare, and is poised to expand well beyond the scope of sushi. "Seaweed will be a salty snack, an umami-rich seasoning, and a light, crispy finisher that's sustainable, nutritious, and full of deep, salty flavor," according to the source.

Nutritional value and sustainability are becoming bigger priorities to everyday consumers, and that trend shows no sign of waning. Given that getting in shape is one of the most common New Year's resolutions, more Americans than ever may be ready and willing to kick off 2014 with seaweed nutrients. 

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