Seaweed leads the way in nutritious new food trends

Seaweed leads the way in nutritious new food trends

These days, more people than ever are considering the long-term ramifications of the lifestyle choices they make. Hitting the gym after work and subscribing to a vegetarian or vegan diet has become veritably mainstream, indicating a major shift in awareness that could benefit us for generations to come.

The growing interest interest in seaweed on a global scale is another clear indicator that good, nutritious ingredients are gaining ground against a sea of overly processed goods that are laden with saturated fat and sodium. Recently, the lifestyle website Care2 singled out seaweed as one of the hottest healthy food trends that is weaning us off of more damaging fare. 

"It's easy to stay fueled up and healthy these days. Dozens of companies have turned what were once unappetizing superfoods like kale and seaweed into delicious mid-afternoon snacks that pack a healthy punch, tons of flavor and work as an alternative to high fat or sugary potato chips, crackers or candy bars," the source states.

Though Care2 specifically refers to tasty seaweed chips, there are plenty of other ways to savor this nutrient-rich sea vegetable. With Seagreens® The Mineral Salt and the Culinary Ingredient, for example, you can enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes while infusing a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Or, for an even more direct approach to seaweed nutrients, try daily Food Capsules! Seagreens® seaweed is a complete wholefood that is sustainably wild-harvested in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. 

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