Seaweed is a hip new food that chefs love

Seaweed is a hip new food that chefs love

Seaweed was once thought of as an obscure food, the papery material that came with a California roll, or was only enjoyed by a niche market. These perceptions have changed in recent years and now seaweed is considered a very hip food, loved by chefs around the world.

Asian countries have been implementing seaweed into their cuisine for years, and restaurants and cooks in the United States are starting to follow that lead. Seagreens® seaweed is prized as a central ingredient in food for their snappy texture and umami-rich flavor. While seaweed often washes up onto shores around the globe, only the best like Seagreens® is implemented into popular dishes prepared by top chefs.

Seaweed is also important because of the nutrients that it offers people. By simply adding a little Seagreens® seaweed to your meal, you are increasing your food's health benefits. Seagreens® seaweed can even be used in place of ingredients that would otherwise harmful to your health. Seaweed contains iodine – a critically important mineral for maintaining a healthy thyroid – something that many people do not have enough of as a part of their daily diet habits. By rotating Seagreens® seaweed into your routine, you will be doing wonders for your body.

Since seaweed is a hip food that top chefs love to incorporate into their meals, you should make it a part of your own life. Seagreens® makes for the perfect addition to any diet, as The Mineral Salt, Food Capsules, the Culinary Ingredient and more. Wild-harvested in the Scottish Outer Hebrides to Human Food Seaweed™ standards (patents pending), Seagreens® seaweed is a natural multi-nutrient whole food, offering a range of convenient products that contain all of the vitamin groups, minerals and trace elements you need.

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I have been practising as a clinical nutritionist for nearly 10 years and have the choice of hundreds of supplements to prescribe for my clients but more often than not I recommend Seagreens food ...