Seaweed in space: Astronauts snack on this sea vegetable in Mars simulation

Seaweed in space: Astronauts snack on this sea vegetable in Mars simulation

Previously on this blog, we reported that food futorologists foresee seaweed as a nutrient source that will benefit the global population for generations to come – particularly as demand for arable land and freshwater soars. Now, it seems the scope of this sea vegetable doesn't stop there. According to a recent piece from The Associated Press, seaweed is one of the ingredients that mock-astronauts enjoyed in a simulation of life on Mars that recently concluded in Hawaii.

The source reports that six researchers have spent the last four months in a dome located on a barren lava field as part of an investigation into the foods that would appeal to space explorers on Mars, and in other expeditions. 

"The six researchers were selected by the University of Hawaii and Cornell University for the NASA-funded study to prepare meals from a list of dehydrated, preserved foods that are not perishable. They examined pre-prepared meals similar to what astronauts currently eat, and concocted meals themselves in an attempt to combat malnourishment and food boredom," AP reports.

Among the foods that these researchers savored in simulated deep space were a series of dishes featuring Spam – the canned meat that has remained a staple in Hawaii. The news outlet This Week notes that, in addition to a Spam-based jambalaya and fried rice, the scientists also enjoyed Spam musubi – a sushi-inspired dish featuring nutrient-rich seaweed.

Given the amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in seaweed, it's no surprise that this plant may make an ideal addition to any diet on Earth and beyond. Seagreens® seaweed is sustainably wild-harvested in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and can be seamlessly incorporated into your meals as the Culinary Ingredient and The Mineral Salt and taken daily as Food Capsules.

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