Seaweed harvesting can benefit the environment

Seaweed harvesting can benefit the environment

With its almost unlimited nutritional value, and its sales as a snack food skyrocketing, the list of seaweed benefits seem almost too long to be true, but there's more to add. Seaweed harvesting is good for the environment.

Seaweed harvesting, when done efficiently, can have minimal impact on the environment. In fact, if it has any impact at all, it's more likely to be a positive one. According to Sarah Redmond, a marine extension agent for the Maine Sea Grant, in an interview with the Boston Globe, effective seaweed harvesting can improve water quality and can help ocean acidification.

This effect also works the other way around. Cole Meeker, the founder of Sea of Change Trading Company, noted in an interview with that if more people see the ocean as a source for food, they'll be more inclined to take care of it.

"Plastic in the ocean is a huge problem," he explained. "Eating sea vegetables might make you think 'Maybe my plastic micro bead cosmetics aren't so good.'" 

In other parts of the world, people are finding other ways to make the most of seaweed to help the environment. Most recently, groundskeepers for the Cayman Turtle Farm on the Cayman Islands have found a solution to too much seaweed on their shore by harvesting it for fertilizer. They've found how seaweed's trace minerals and vitamins have helped nurture the soil.

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