Seaweed farming efforts breathe new life into Long Island Sound

Seaweed farming efforts breathe new life into Long Island Sound

We have chronicled the efforts of seaweed expert Dr. Charles Yarish extensively on this blog. The University of Connecticut professor is a staunch advocate for seaweed benefits, and has played a substantial role in increasing awareness about this incredible plant throughout New England and beyond. One of his most recent endeavors has been the rejuvenation of the Long Island Sound in New York via the introduction of seaweed farming, and the regional news outlet recently reported on the program's progress.

"Seaweed has become the latest tool in the long battle to breathe new life into the [Long island] estuary, just as it is becoming more popular on dinner plates at upscale restaurants," the source states.

One of the key benefits of this program has been the absorption of excessive nitrogen from the water, which in turn has allowed more aquatic life to thrive. This compound has reportedly seeped into the Sound from sewage and other waste, resulting in areas that are sorely depleted of oxygen. The seaweed farming initiative has also brought considerable attention to the advantages of seaweed in other contexts, including as a nutritious and flavor-enhancing ingredient.

The seaweed farming initiative began two years ago as a partnership between the University of Connecticut, Purchase College in New York and other academic institutions, and has expanded as fishermen who were negatively impacted by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy turned to seaweed to help recoup their losses.

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