Seaweed farming becoming lucrative source for Zanzibar

Seaweed farming becoming lucrative source for Zanzibar

More and more people are catching on to the benefits of eating and cooking with seaweed. While this sea vegetable may not seem like the most obvious choice of food at first glance, there has been no shortage of research done over the last few years highlighting all the nutritional qualities of these ocean-harvested greens, which are chock full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids, just to name a few. But in many parts of the world, seaweed harvesting has become a lucrative source of both food and economic activity.

Zanzibar is just one such place, according to The New Internationalist.  The blog reports that in the East African country, "seaweed grows like coral," creating an abundance of the sea vegetable to be farmed and sold by the locals. As a result, seaweed has become an enormously successful commodity for the people of Zanz​ibar and the nation's second-biggest source of revenue after tourism. The income generated by this massive seaweed harvest has not only put people to work, but also put roofs over their heads and their kids in schools.

"I am so grateful, because the [Seaweed Centre] keeps me busy and I get a stable salary at the end of the month," one resident told the source. "And now I have knowledge which I didn't have before. Now I can make soap."

Beyond just the ability to create new soap, seaweed has also helped scores of locals learn about business, conservation and farming.

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