Seaweed extract is focus for blood sugar study

Seaweed extract is focus for blood sugar study

Researchers around the world are increasingly looking to seaweed for health properties and new scientific breakthroughs. One study, in particular, is gauging whether or not a seaweed extract known as fucoidan can have a direct impact on a person's blood sugar levels.

The Mercury, an Australian news publication, reports that an investigative team at the University of Tasmania is currently accepting volunteers who, over a three-month span, will have their blood sugar tested while taking daily tablets that may contain either the seaweed extract or a placebo. According to the group's lead researcher, Cameron Wright, the study is intended to measure how fucoidan can regulate sugar and glucose control in the bloodstream.

"At each visit participants will have been asked to fast overnight and on arrival, blood pressure, height, waist circumference and weight will be measured, a fasting blood glucose level will be taken by finger prick method and a blood sample taken for cholesterol, lipid (fat), insulin and glucose levels, as well as standard tests for body functioning," Wright told the source. "Participants will then be given a sucrose (sugar) drink and blood glucose levels will be measured over a two-hour period at regular intervals following the drink."

If a positive association between fucoidan and blood sugar is determined, it could point to yet another healthy application of seaweed as a tool for diabetes and cardiovascular health.

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