Seaweed extract could repair damaged tissue, treat diseases

Seaweed extract could repair damaged tissue, treat diseases

While the culinary benefits of cooking with seaweed have been known throughout the world for centuries, we're still just at the tip of the iceberg of how this sea vegetable and its healthy properties can be used to nourish the human body. Just last week, we shared with you how researchers at North Carolina State University had determined that batches of Alaskan seaweed could make for a new tool in the fight against diabetes and obesity. Now, a new study points to this ocean-harvested plant being able to help repair damaged tissue — including bones, muscles and nerves.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports that a team of a scientists at the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute in New South Wales' Wollongong University are investigating how material extricated from seaweed could be modeled by 3D printing technology to help regenerate damaged tissue in the body. As the source notes, seaweed uses "a gel-like substance to hold cells together," and researchers are determining how this extract could be used to not only repair tissue but even potentially treat diseases like cancer and schizophrenia.

"We're looking at extracts from seaweed that can actually form the structural component of 3D printed parts that we're using in studies for nerve, muscle, bone and cartilage regeneration," Professor Gordon Wallace, the institute's director, told ABC. "The range and diversities of the chemistries available that can be extracted from seaweed gives us an untapped source of biomaterials that can basically be tailored for applications like 3D printing. We are really just scratching the surface at the moment."

The team's findings have already been successful in using these seaweed gels to regenerate cartilage in a knee-cap. Professor Wallace believes that these extracts can be applied to treatments for serious conditions like cancer and arthritis, although research is still ongoing. However, the prospects already uncovered by combining seaweed extracts with 3D printing point to an exciting future where new technological advances will only yield even greater medical benefits from this versatile sea vegetable.

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