Seaweed dishes are hot commodities at UK restaurant

Seaweed dishes are hot commodities at UK restaurant

One of the most exciting developments about cooking with seaweed isn't just the exotic dishes you can whip up at home, but treating yourself to a cutting-edge new meal prepared by a professional chef. More and more, cooks and restaurants are taking notice of seaweed benefits for not only nutrition but its versatility for taste as well. We've covered plenty of these new ideas before — seaweed pizza, seaweed pasta, seaweed French fries — but one North London restaurant has made this ocean plant the star attraction of its menu!

Sky News reports that Hook, a fish and chip restaurant in Camden, has experimented with seaweed as a garnish, side dish and main course. Patrons can choose from a wakame seaweed pickle, a pasta and seafood mix called "sea spaghetti" or even just on the side as its own salad. Chef Simon Whiteside even uses seaweed seasoning salt on each of the restaurant's menu options.

"It's such an under-used ingredient so it's really nice to show new ways of using it and seeing how fresh and vibrant it can actually be and not something that's there when the tide goes out," Whiteside tells Sky. "Adding something that we know is natural and gives that extra added flavour is great and it's high in vitamins and iron."

The seaweed-infused meals are a hit with customers too, with one remarking on how the pickle tastes "divine," "fresh" and "good for you."

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