Seaweed could prevent bowel disease

Seaweed could prevent bowel disease

One of seaweed's many benefits is how it helps digestion, and new theories hypothesize that it may be effective in treating and preventing certain complications. A new study at Birmingham University in the United Kingdom will explore these effects of seaweed supplements and how they can improve or prevent bowel disease.

The research team decided to test these effects to put firm proof behind the pattern of populations that consume more seaweed having fewer reported bowel disorders. The team believes that the alginate in seaweed is the key factor in its role in preventing these diseases. This is because alginate acts as a protective layer by binding iron to the gut. This helps prevent bowel disease because unabsorbed iron causes inflammation and harmful changes in gut bacteria. To conduct the study, the Birmingham researchers will give 16 healthy participants a daily capsule of alginate for a month and observe any changes in their health.

Earlier this year, researchers at the University of Tasmania discovered that the extract fucoidan found in polysaccharides, especially brown seaweeds like wild Wrack, also positively affected inflammatory bowel diseases, such as ulcers. The Tasmanian team tested its theory on mice suffering from colitis, in which the colon's inner lining is inflamed, administering an oral dose of the extract. The results showed significant improvement in symptoms. According to research conducted on Seagreens at several universities in Britain, polysaccharides are largely responsible for seaweed's proven value as a probiotic, prolonging more complete digestion that helps release important minerals needed by the body.

"We observed that not only were the symptoms in these diseases significantly reduced, we also observed that a large number of biomarkers were normalized," said University of Tasmania Professor Nuri Guven in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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