Seaweed could be key to longevity, says wellness specialist

Seaweed could be key to longevity, says wellness specialist

As instances of heart disease and diabetes continue to rise, threatening to compromise the long-term health and well-being of individuals around the world, it has become clear that we all must pay closer attention to the food we eat each day. Recently, Dr. Mao Shing Ni – an anti-aging specialist most commonly known as Dr. Mao – discussed this issue in a column for California's Santa Monica Mirror.

"Seaweed may not be something you think of as a food, but this [sea vegetable] packs a powerful nutrient punch that very few other foods can match," writes Dr. Mao.

Because of this plant's essentially incomparable nutritional value, Dr. Mao has featured it in his new "Secrets of Longevity Cookbook," which is packed with recipes intended to promote long-term health and ward off the serious ailments associated with an unbalanced diet.

"During my 25 years of studying centenarians, I discovered that the same 10 foods kept recurring again and again in the diets of long-living individuals, and seaweed more than made the cut."

Dr. Mao touched on a few of the health benefits of seaweed that have been documented over the years, including its potential to lower cholesterol, combat excessive swelling, facilitate weight loss and restrain the growth of tumors, among others.

To encourage his readers to start incorporating this plant into their diets, Dr. Mao has published various seaweed recipes in his new book. If you are ready to start cooking with seaweed, you can also do so by introducing Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient and The Mineral Salt into your meals, or taking daily Food Capsules.

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