Seaweed could be effective treatment for obesity

Seaweed could be effective treatment for obesity

While for some, seaweed could be a trendy diet food that helps shape a healthier lifestyle and shave off a few pounds, for others it could mean saving their life. Scientists are looking into how seaweed benefits obese patients and are considering it as a possibility for treatment.

The most recent research on the case, published in Food & Function, postulated that seaweed's effect on digestive enzymes may be key in treatment for obesity. The review of the research explained that the alginate contained in all types of seaweed slows certain enzymes in the digestive tract, which keeps a person feeling fuller longer. While the research has yet to be tested on subjects, the team behind it believes the information they've collected on seaweed's health benefits shows promise.

One of the components of this theory that needs to be tested is the way seaweed's alginate is delivered. Experts have already begun exploring that front. In July, the same research team looked into how seaweed's effect on digestive enzymes changed when baked into bread and found that it didn't change its inhibition process. This is supported by a study conducted at the Centre for Food Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University, where overweight adult men were given bread containing Seagreens seaweed for breakfast and consumed less calories throughout the rest of the day, due to Seagreens' obstruction of carbohydrate digestive enzymes.

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