Seaweed can lower blood pressure

Seaweed can lower blood pressure

Proteins discovered in rare seaweed could lower blood pressure. Recent reports suggests that this seaweed, Seanol, which was discovered in South Korea by local fishermen, could add years to your life and benefit everyone, especially individuals who have extremely high blood pressure levels.

According to Dr. Haengwoo Lee, the biochemist leading the project, Seanol works at a cellular level and can slow down the causes of aging and age-related diseases. This process can help prevent the starvation of healthy cells that die off later in life. He also believes that Seanol can help remove harmful toxins from the human body. Lee and his team hope to form a supplement from the proteins. 

"Seaweed has long been known to have high levels of positive health benefits, but scientists have not found a living plant that when ingested could return blood pressure to previously normal levels," writes Joseph Mayton of Tech Times. "The discovery could do wonders for the growing levels of those suffering from high blood pressure in the U.S. and elsewhere."

Although the medical world hasn't commented on these most recent findings yet, previous research also suggests the heart-healthy benefits of seaweed. In the future this rare seaweed could be added to a medicine in order to lower blood pressure levels.

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