Seaweed biofuel may help British Columbia meet green energy goals, study shows

Seaweed biofuel may help British Columbia meet green energy goals, study shows

Though many discussions regarding alternative energy resources have focused on corn-based ethanol, biofuels derived from seaweed are quickly becoming a more viable option – thanks in part to the sheer abundance of this plant. In fact, a recent study conducted at the University of Victoria in British Columbia has indicated that seaweed-based fuel may be superior to corn in terms of environmental benefits.

"Seaweed production requires no arable land, uses no fresh water and, most importantly, the ethanol produced has a considerably lower carbon footprint than corn-based ethanol, which makes up 5 percent of the renewable content in our gasoline and 4 percent of our diesel fuel," wrote Vancouver Sun columnist Randy Shore.

Shore reported that the province of British Columbia enacted a "renewable and low carbon fuel requirement " at the beginning of the month that includes minimums for green energy use.

The new study indicates that introducing a seaweed-ethanol industry to British Columbia could play a crucial role in meeting this quota, and would potentially produce up to 1.3 million liters of the biofuel.

Study contributor and graduate student Aaron Philippsen noted that this process, once perfected, could be "twice as effective" as the corn ethanol imported by the provincial government to reduce its carbon footprint,  and five times more so than creating the corn biofuel within the region by burning coal.

As we've discussed in past posts, seaweed biofuel is a rapidly expanding field in the world of green energy, one that is attracting entrepreneurs from around the world. However, this is not the only benefit of this abundant sea vegetable.

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